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The Essentials Needed For A Home Bar.

Fully stocking a home bar can be a big undertaken from the start, but the best approach is to think of it as an ongoing process by buying alcohol that is needed for the time. We created a list of the essentials needed for a stocked home bar. Click here to print a free bar stock checklist. Liquors: Gin Vodka Rum (light/dark) Whiskey - Bourbon - Scotch - Rye/Canadian - Irish Cream Wine - White (dry) - Red (dry) - Champagne - Vermouth (dry/sweet) Tequila Brandy/Cognac Beer
Fruit:  Apples Bananas Cherries Lemons Limes Oranges Pineapples Strawberries
Liqueurs: Amaretto (almond) Blue Curacao (orange) Chambord (raspberry) Cointreau (orange) Creme de Banana (banana) Creme de Cacao (chocolate) Creme de Menthe (mint) Frangelico (hazelnut) Galliano (herb) Godiva (chocolate) Goldschlager (cinnamon) Grand Marnier (orange) Jagermeister (herb) Kahlua (coffee) Midori (melon) Rumple Minze (peppermint) Sambuca (anise) Schnapps (various flavors) Southern Comfort (peach) Tia Maria (coffee) Triple Sec (orange)
Fruit Juice: Apple Cranberry Grapefruit Lemon Lime Orange Pineapple Tomato
Mixers: Angosturas Bitters Lemonade Cola Cream Eggs Ginger Ale Grenadine Ice Cream Milk Orange Bitters Sour Mix Sprite/7-Up Tea/Coffee Water - Soda - Tonic
Garnishes/Other: Cinnamon Ice Maraschino Cherries Nutmeg Olives (black/green) Salt/PepperSugar Sugar Syrup Tabasco Sauce Worcestershire Sauce
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